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Report Unemployment Insurance Employer Fraud

Employer Fraud includes:

  • Misclassifying workers as independent contractors or paying workers off-the-books/under the table
  • Violations of New York State laws related to the employment of workers

You do not need to identify yourself. However, without complete detailed information, we may not be able to investigate the tip thoroughly. Please note: We keep all information confidential to the extent allowed by law. New York State Labor Law imposes significant penalties on employers for discharging, penalizing or in any other manner discriminating against any employee for providing information to the Department of Labor.

If you have questions, call our 24-hour toll free hotline 866-435-1499.

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You may fill out either the section "The employer (check all that apply)" or the section "Describe the employer's suspected fraudulent activity", or both. However, you are required to provide information for at least one. Thank you.

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If you are owed wages, you must provide contact information in order for us to investigate your claim or file a Claim For Unpaid Wages (LS 223) or Claim For Unpaid Wage Supplements (LS-425)

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